Master’s Cohort

On June 8th, 2023, the Winnipeg School Division Master’s cohort walked across the stage at the University of Manitoba to receive their much-earned Master of Education with a major in Curriculum Teaching & Learning in the Language and Literacy Stream. Most of the graduates took the clinical coursework and have indicated and interest in pursuing certification as a Reading Clinician in Manitoba.

In challenging times and unexpected circumstances, this group of teachers began their first class in May of 2020. Through many zoom sessions, hard work, a comprehensive project and ultimately one in-person class, these dedicated learners have emerged from their studies bolder, fresher, more-learned, and ready to take on the world of literacy instruction.


Back row: Sheila Seafoot, Marcy L. Thompson Sanchez , Gina Cerqueira, Nadine Nassar, Nicole Doering, Anna Choy, Tiffany Waskul, Mercede Poirier, Devin King, Sarah Roche, Odette Cerqueira, Stacy Carson
Front row:  Rebecca Meacham, Tami Berg, Janice Caplan, Joan Coppens

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  1. What are some of the future plans or career paths that the graduates are considering after completing their Master’s program?

    How did the cohort celebrate their graduation, and were there any special events or ceremonies to mark the occasion?

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