For Parents

  • Take a look at the International Literacy Association Journal Access Page.
  • An informative website to help teachers understand anxiety in students. This website is intended as a resource for teachers and pre-service teachers. It does not replace a trained professional.
  • This site provides teachers/parents with list of books about anxiety in children.
  • This article asks the question: Does Handwriting Matter?
  • The purpose of the Learning Toolbox website (Writing and Advanced Thinking sections) is to help students with learning difficulties to become more effective learners so that they can meet the increasingly rigorous academic demands of today’s schools. The Learning Toolbox is designed for use by three groups:
    1. Secondary students with learning difficulties
    2. Teachers of middle and secondary level students
    3. Parents of students with learning difficulties
  • International Dyslexia Association list of assistive technology resources for children and adults with learning differences.
  • Laura Robb, author, teacher, coach and speaker: This website offers teaching supports for teachers of reading and writing, for school librarians, and for parents. Explore this multifaceted website – there is something there for anyone interested in student increasing student engagement and achievement.
  • Discovery Education Website – Parents, Teachers and Student resources.
  • Decoding Dyslexia: How a New Jersey Parents’ Group Started a Movement
  • Here’s information from Bookmates on Training and Workshop Options available to help teachers plan training and workshops to support learning readers.

Direct from a student who found our study skills information helpful, PsPrint hosts a number of ideas for graphic organizers, to help all children with organizing their thoughts visually. Thank you for the submission!